Website Validation
As our name suggests we are a consumer-centered organization. Our goal is to insure that you, the consumer, have knowledge of and access to websites that will treat you fairly and honestly. There are many websites that are built on a solid foundation of integrity and online security. We endeavor to one day have all websites subscribe to a uniform code of business ethics that will insure fair treatment for all. For now we are validating and certifying each individual website one at a time. .

Surf The Web Without Being Abused
Within the chaos and confusion of the internet, there are many people that stand upright and proud, behind their websites. There are countless webmasters that do care about quality, respect and accountability. People that insist on selling only the best quality goods and services at a fair price. People that respect your rights to surf the web without being abused. People that stand behind their products and or services, because they believe in them, and will treat you as they wish to be treated themselves. I just wish I could say that about all the websites on the internet. Because honestly, I am concerned every time I open an email from someone I did not expect an email from, or when my browser opens a new window. I think to myself is this The one that will trick me into divulging something I shouldn’t?

How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Website?
Let me give you an example: When you enter an unfamiliar website, how do you know if you can trust them? What if they are selling the exact product you are looking for? What if it is being sold for the lowest price you have seen anywhere or maybe it is the only place that is selling the exact thing you are looking for, what do you do? Do you pass on this opportunity because you know nothing about this merchant? Do you call just to see if someone answers the phone, and hang up if someone does answer? Do you call and ask 50 dumb questions just to feel them out and see if they sound honest? What if it is late in the evening, after business hours or a weekend and no one is answering the phone? How do you know you can trust that business?

If our Logo Isn't On A Website, Than Be Careful!
I am sure you don’t want to be reminded of the dangers of the web. It is after all a marvelous tool. It can make your life easier, faster and better. There is entertainment, up to date news, valuable information and a bargain shopper’s delight at your fingertips. But just like the cars out on the road, websites are the same way; there is a lemon in every bunch. These “bad” websites can cause you some aggravation or in some instances cost you a fortune. Sharing any of your critical information with the wrong people can give you years of misery. I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time or patience for any of that stuff. So if our logo isn’t on a website than you don't know what you have on your monitor, until it’s too late.

We are here to help.
We are an independent Internet watchdog business, a Website Validation Service. Our sole purpose is to protect consumers by requiring website operators to disclose relevant information about their business and business practices. This is extremely important in today’s marketplace with the proliferation of fraudulent businesses and phishing* sites. Our seal of approval is a visible mark that sorts out the online wheat from the chaff.

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